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Here you'll find videos for finding out a bit more about Aquila, and how to do your first flights using either motion controllers or a Gamepad (the 5th video).  This simulator has a learning curve when using motion controllers, and once you learn the basics you'll be on the wing in no time!  The Steam version is used in the videos, and a future video will cover the differences between this and the Oculus Home version - they fly the same, but there are a few interface differences due to how different motion controllers work.


You can find all of these tutorials on this YouTube playlist:




Let's start with an introduction, your first flight, and staying aloft using a sloping ridge:



... and then on to taking off and landing:



... how to deal with trees:



... how to use thermals to soar:



Finally... if you're using a Gamepad, this tutorial is for you:




More tutorials to follow!


If anything in any of these videos raises any questions at all, please feel free to contact me either through the Contact page, or by commenting on the videos directly on YouTube.  If you feel anything needs covering further, please suggest it to me.


This simulator has a learning curve for using motion controllers, so it is well worth fully watching the videos above to see how things work.  So thank you for taking the time to watch them.





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